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Between work at home, running after kids, and keeping a garden, I don't get out much. :) I enjoy sewing when I find the time. This blog houses what I enjoy: reading historical and archival sewing and modern craft books -- and sharing great stories that are lost behind the headlines about how people who sew help so many others: through quilts and blankets for the needy, clothing for babies, and by teaching other women how to be independent by sewing for themselves and their families. Who knew picking up a needle and thread could be so rewarding and fulfilling?

My kids have all benefited from a mom who likes sew, too. :) My favorite style of needlepoint is Jacobean crewel embroidery - after picking up an old book on the subject at a flea market in North Carolina many years ago, I was simply hooked by the scrolling patterns and vibrant scenes.

SewNowThis.com remains a work-in-progress, and this blog is infrequently updated with news, reviews, and sewing articles. I currently use a Bernina Activa for sewing and a Huskvarna Viking Huskylock for my serging. Both are as old as dirt now, but still perform well for me.

Some images on this page and throughout this website are from my favorite archival and historical sewing books, and some are also in the public domain for viewing anytime. Looking into the past via a needle and thread shows that the needlework basics still apply today in modern sewing.

About the charitable works listed on this site:

If you are interested in supporting a charity, consider a local one that benefits the residents in your area, or one of these worldwide charitable 'needle arts' organizations that use sewing, needle arts, and crafting with volunteer training and resources as the core to their helping out others. For the bulk of them, they empower underprivileged and poor women with the skill sets they need to help support their families or the communities they live in.

Thanks for stopping by! And sew on.......

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Above picture is a design by artist Casey Buonaugurio, and is absolutely after my heart.
caseybuonaugurio.com for this and other 'sweet' patterns.
Warning - her site and her designs are appetizingly addictive!