Needlepoint Services, Guilds, Etc.

From stitch-to-fabric calculators to customizable graph paper, here are some great online tools to help you with your needlepoint projects.

Also, have a project you need finishing, or a finished one that needs embellishing? There are many services to help the stitcher continue on their next needlepoint project, such as mounting and blocking, as well as restoration services to help on a finished one.

And if you're looking to join a club for needlepoint, listed below are several.

Needlepoint Clubs, Guilds and Organizations

  • American Needlepoint Guild, Inc. - The homepage to the American Needlepoint Guild, and links to information for the national and chapter levels of membership.
  • Classic Stitches Online Club -Membership form for the Classic Stitches Online Club, where free charts and newsletters are available to members. Membership is free.
  • Become a DMC Mentor -Information on becoming a DMC Mentor to share your love, experience and expertise of cross stitch with others.
  • Royal School of Needlework -Established in 1872 to pass on and teach the fine art of hand embroidery, with classes and certification courses. Apprenticeships available for those wanting to be a professional embroiderer. Based in the UK.
  • The Needlework Guild of Minnesota -Membership and information on the Needlework Guild of Minnesota, with workshops and retreats available to members.
  • Needlework Tapestry Guild of Victoria, Inc -Needlepoint and tapestry guild based in Victoria, with classes and demonstrations.
  • The Goldwork Guild -Guild all about Goldwork, with class info and product and supply information.

Online Helpers and Free Tools

  • Free Photo to Chart Service -Counted Cross Stitch Chart Generator from Dark Lilac. You can upload a picture of yours, and have it charted for you to print out. File will be in a .pdf form for downloading and saving. Free service.
  • Stitch Calculator in .pdf form -A stitch calculator to be printed out from This is in .pdf form and helps to find the finished size of a design for various fabric counts.
  • Printing Customizable Graph Paper From Your Printer -Enter in the number of column and rows with the height and width, and decide on the colors of the graph. Opens in a new window to be printed from your printer.
  • GraphTablet - Freeware Program - This freeware program installs on your computer, and is a program for you to print your own graph paper. Options include round and rectangular graph paper and changing the grid colors.
  • A Stitch to Fabric Calculator -This calculator will figure it out using on online calculator: enter in your number of stitches on various fabric counts to get the number of inches.
  • Linen and Evenweave Calculator -This online calculator finds out how big your fabric needs to be by calculating the number of stitches, mesh count of the canvas and how big the border around the canvas should be.
  • Free pattern viewer -Free Pattern Maker Viewer from HobbyWare. Allows you to open, view and print any Pattern Maker pattern file, the software title from HobbyWare.
  • Chart your own text -This font charter allows you to chart your own text for free, then allows you to print it out for your own use.

Needlepoint Services for Finishing, Restoring, Blocking, and Transferring

Have one not listed? Let me know :)

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