Salem Athenaeum Created Federal-era Clothing

I first read about this in the Salem Gazette online. Sewing classes for period-wear held at the Salem Athanaeum, a private library in Salem, Massachusetts. Although I live across the country and the event has already passed, I would still love to have been there.

A seamstress was on hand to help create custom gown perfect for the Athenaeum Assembly. While the event has passed, those who are still interested in creating beautiful Regency pieces at home can visit:

Sense and Sensibility Patterns

I've never purchased from them, but scrolling down and viewing all the pieces available (from smart looking Spensers to pretty girls' pinafores) makes me want to dive in and start sewing. I like that all the patterns have real models wearing the pieces, and examples of the patterns for viewing. If some of the patterns look familiar, Simplicity has licensed some of them.

Renee Shelton.