'Sweat Shop' in Paris - A Sewing Cafe

In Paris and need a sewing machine for hire? Enter the Sweat Shop located at 13, Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010, Paris. A 'cafe couture' (as listed on their website) featuring Singer sewing machines and a worktable, so you can sew, take a class or have a little refreshment.

You can rent a machine for an hour for 6 euros or a 3-day pass for 55 euros. Are you a student? They offer discounts for students. They also have workshops for sewing, and even have one for kids.
The main website - Sweat Shop Paris - Cafe Couture
Pictures of the shop - Their official blog

For those of us that can read in French, you'll be just fine. For those that can't - don't worry - click the EN at the top right for an English version of the page. Hitting a translate button from a browser won't help you.

So now - no excuse for tossing out a perfectly good pair of trousers with the loose hem because you have no sewing machine and can't do it by hand...in Paris anyway.

Renee Shelton.