Youngest Designer? Cecilia Cassini

Cecilia Cassini is a fashion designer from California who designs different collections - 'created one-at-a-time.' She has 5 different collections or lines: Couture Creations (think big bows and sequins), The High Fashons (think vintage party dresses), Paris Creations (ruffles and metallics), Milan Creations (patterns in sherbet colors), New York Creations (gold, black, white), and the Design Tees ('follow your dreams'). She just had her trunk show at Fred Segals. According The Los Angeles Times Image sections, she can sew a dress in fifteen minutes (sells from 62-150$) read more here which are simply constructed pieces usually in fun colors or contrasting prints/fabrics. On her website, it shows her photographed with Diane von Fustenberg, Denise Richard and Brooke Shields.

Oh, and she's 10 years old.

Cecilia Cassini.

Renee Shelton.