Selfish Seamstress: Big on Donating

The Selfish Seamstress may only sew things for herself, but she also makes funny haiku poetry that you can wear from Zazzle. All proceeds go to a charity. On her blog, she has many fun stuff to sift through (think Attack of the 50 Foot Burda Model!), and designs you can view she's done - LOVE the back on the Audrey dress - all downloadable - but do not reprint or republish without her permission and always remember to credit the designer when you sew anything (just a tip).

My favorites on Zazzle: 'I Just Don't Want To,' 'I Mended Your Pants,' and 'Your Stupid House.' No wait, it's 'Think I'm Selfish Now' and 'We Call Them "Suckas".' Nope it's.....oh they're all fun. And currently all royalties go to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

Renee Shelton.