African Community Center ACC - Hand Sewn Items & Community Partnership

I first read about this from the Denver Channel 7 news website regarding a group of African refugees sewing for self-suffieciency.

Both men and women who are refugees from different contries such as Ethiopia, the Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Bosnia, Rwanda, Burundi, and many others, come to the ACC in Denver. The African Community Center is a Refugee Resettlement program, and the program offers support, housing, employment services and workshops to help with culture shock for refugees coming to such a different nation than their own.

The 'We Made This' program generates income through refugees sewing such items as gift bags, hand bags and more. According to the Denver 7 website, a portion goes to materials, a portion goes to a trust account for the group, and the rest (the majority of the profits) goes directly to the women who actually make the bags.

For more information on the group visit the African Community Center. The project is looking for donations in the form of fabric, interfacing, cutters, needles, sewing notions, sewing machines, extension cords, and more. Other volunteer options include teachers who can teach sewing and people who would like to sell the products.

Renee Shelton.