Have a Fashion Opinion or Need Feedback? Fashism.com

Have an opinion on anything fashion-wise, or need feedback, in real time, for an upcoming event? Fashism.com allows users to have outfits critiqued and voted on, to see how a look, well, looks.

From the website:

How it works:
  1. Take a picture (of your outfit/you wearing your outfit)
  2. Upload
  3. Ask your fashion question regarding the picture/outfit
  4. Get responses from people and make your decision.
You can upload anonymously and still receive feedback. You can take pictures of your outfit inside the dressing room and upload it via phone and get feedback. Once logged in you can edit/delete photos and delete comments.

Here are the guidelines for posting/commenting. Being active in the community will gain you points and the points may get you free stuff.

Renee Shelton.