Prisoners in Britain Sewing for Profit & Therapy

Inmates in some of Britain's prisons sew in a program called "Fine Cell Work." The program runs in many prisons and the inmates in the program (about 80% men) create embroidered items, needlepoint tapestries, and more. They earn a portion of the retail sales of the items, and being in the program gives offenders a purpose when in prison, and provides a way to deal with anger management and self-discipline. Earning a bit of money also helps prevent homelessness when inmates have the opportunity to save for housing if they have no place to go when they get out. Fine Cell Work was started by Lady Anne Tree who passed away earlier this year. The project is funded by charity and by the works' profits.

Fine Cell Work program.

To volunteer for this program (if you happen to live in Britain) visit Fine Cell Work's call for volunteers.