Tips for Threading a Needle

  1. Trim the thread on a bias before threading the needle. Sometimes the thread can fray at the end or be a little thick. By trimming the thread on the bias, you can make the ends clean while making a point at the end by which to thread the eye easily.
  2. Use beeswax. If the thread is too thin it can be easy to 'miss the mark' when threading the eye of the needle. Run the entire length of the thread along a piece of beeswax and the end should slip through easily.
  3. If the eye is hard to see and the thread is colored, hold a needle over a piece of white copy paper to make the eye show up better. Then proceed to thread the needle.
  4. Use a needle threader, if you have one. Push the end of the needle threader through the eye of the needle, place the end of the thread inside then pull the end of the threader back out with the thread still attached. While the threader is being removed it will pull the thread with it, easily threading the needle.
  5. If the needle is attached to a sewing machine and cannot be removed or you would rather not remove it, sit right in front of the machine looking straight at the needle. If you try to thread the needle looking at it at a diagonal or looking either downward or upward, it will be harder to see the eye and harder to thread the needle. Renee Shelton.