Wool Competition Brings to Live Wool Sewing Arts

A teenage coorespondant to the BuffaloNews.com site has written about the 2011 National Make It With Wool Competition that recently happened in Rene, NV.

So just what is the National Make It With Wool Competition? It is from the American Sheep Industry Association, and meant to encourage creativity and develop skills with sewing on wool products. Wool products have to be wool, 100% or down to 60% blend only, with the entire garment body made from wool materials. If you don't know if it is indeed wool you are working with, do their wool test:

Self-testing Place a 1" fabric square in 1 cup new Clorox bleach for several hours. 100% wool will have no residue; wool blends will have fibers remaining.
Who can enter? See their guideline page for details.

Renee Shelton.

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