Dress A Girl Around The World

The thought behind this organization and the Dress A Girl Around The World mission is to empower young girls and young women by giving them a dress hand-sewn by a volunteer. Carried out by Hope 4 Women International, a division of Hope 4 Children International (a 501 (c) 3 non-profit), Dress A Girl Around The World is a project that unites people by forming sewing groups with the goal of creating pillowcase dresses for girls all over the world who are in need of them.

The Pillowcase Dress is based on a very simple pattern, and can be easily sewn by both the experienced seamstress and the person who's never sewn. If you are interested in starting a group of your own, here are basic questions and answers about the Dress A Girl Around The World project, as well as how to host an event yourself or host a princess party for younger girls to get involved.

A great project that both young and old, inexperienced and seasoned seamstresses can get involved - with the sole purpose of helping young girls with their self-image. A double like.

If you can't sew or join a group and still would like to give to this organization and mission, here is the link to donate directly to them: Dress A Girl Around The World - Look on the home page and click the 'Make a Donation' button to be taken to the paypal shopping cart and give that way.

Image of pillowcase dress is courtesy Flickr user dani0010 through a creative commons license.

Renee Shelton.