Book Finds: Hope Hanley's Needlepoint Books

Lucky me - I found two of Hope Hanley's needlepoint books for 50 cents each at the local Friends of the Library bookstore. While dated, the books show close up what the basic stitches are, and looking through them I recognize why they have been reprinted and collected over the years.

I already had the updated Needlepoint on my crafting bookshelf -1975 version, this one (from 1964) contained several of the previous book owner's notes and papers in it making it a great addition for fifty cents. The updated version is laid out slightly different with additional pictures; both are hardcover and cloth-bound.

And while I have newer needlepoint books in full color, The Craft of Needlepoint (ISBN 068147254, 1977) has all the black and white illustrations large and easy to follow. It is a paperpack in a large 8 1/2 by 11 inch format, with each stitch highlighted on a full page.

If you see these at a rummage sale, garage sale, used book store or swap meet, dive right in and pick them up. They will end up being a great 50-cent helper.

Renee Shelton.