Showcase 500 Rings by Juror Bruce Metcalf

I love Lark Crafts 500 Series - not only because of the sheer number of styles in each new book, but the amazing differences in designs from the different artists. The Showcase 500 Rings (Bruce Metcalf, Juror; ISBN 9781454702887) is no different, and will give any designer ideas for new ways to use different materials. It will also give jewelry aficionados new ideas for shopping.

Stretching the Idea of What a 'Ring' Is

A ring is something to wear on the finger. Right? Technically, but some of the artists in 500 Rings stretch the definition: Christiana Byrne's Engagement Ring: ("The plastic 'diamond' houses a small microphone. When placed over a partner's heart, the microphone picks up the sound of the beat, which is then projected through copper brooches that house two small speakers."); Rachel Timmons' Growth One: (A gigantic glitter foam and resin teardrop piece that is worn on the end of the index finger.); and Sung Yeoul Lee's Extend View: (Two rings worn on the index fingers are attached at the top forming adjustable-width reading glasses.).

My favorites:
  • Ring a Day by Alissia Melka-Teichroew: 7 different rings printed on sterling silver or stainless steel. Pick a ring to wear, cut it out from the sheet of metal, file and polish any rough edges, and wear. The remaining cut sheet can be used as wall decoration.
  • Play with by Hyunjoo Kim: Miniature dolls crafted from enamel and copper plate. They stand up and can be played with - by any child (or adult) of any age. 
  • Catch Me by Sylvie Jousset: 4.5 cm high cactus case inside a ring.
  • Thumb War by Sarah Narum: Cowboy Hat vs. Top Hat - wear them with a friend and see who'll win.
  • Inter(action) by Joanna Hemsley: Ingenious three-dimensional ring that opens up with the action of putting the ring on, and closes as it is removed.
  • Letters from Words - Alphabet Rings by Trudee Hill: Unique rings with a letter. Each letter is very thin (0.2 cm thick) so that you can wear what you want to spell (possible to wear 10 letters or more).
  • Edible Sociable Rings by Shelby Ferris Fitzpatrick: Rings with different openings that can be filled with edible dried food. 
  • Temple of Athena by Rhonda Faber Green: Being a fan of archaeology and architectural design, the ring with gorgeous white diamond-encrusted stairs leading up to the 18-karat yellow gold pillars ensconcing a rare zultanite gem is breathtaking. Really.
The 341 different jewelers who shared the 500 designs show that even if by definition a ring is something to be worn on the finger, there is no single way to fabricate them.

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    Renee Shelton.