Needlework Variations and Examples

Needlepoint Variation Descriptions   

  • Assisi Embroidery, Voided Work, or Reversa is where the design is left open while the work around it is finished in needlepoint.
  • Berlin Work is a traditional style.
  • Blackwork focuses on black threads.
  • Goldwork involves the use of metallic threads, and is not limited to gold, but can use silver, copper, bronze or other metallic threads.
  • Hardanger Embroidery, a form of Needlepoint stitching, uses pulled work and removed threads.
  • Whitework Embroidery is where the stitching and foundation canvas are done in the same color, usually white or natural colors.
  • Needlepoint Lace is where lace is done using needlepoint or embroidery threads or stitches.

Examples of the Different Needlepoint Variations

Assisi Embroidery, Voided Work, Reversa   

  • Voided Work - A history of Voided Work, where Assisi Embroidery gets its name and examples of the style.
  • Assisi Embroidery - Assisi Embroidery stitching history and evolution styles.
  • Article on Reversa -Voided Works and history, from the West Kingdom Needleworker's Guild.
  • Assisi Work with examples -A full article with good reading all about "Stalking the Wild Assisi," with examples and a bibliography for further research.
  • Free Assisi Work Patterns and Charts -From Dunmani Designs, free Assisi Work charts to try out. Click "Assisi" under Free Cross Stitch on the left frame.
  • Planning the Reversa Project - Great site that takes a Reversa project and breaks it down into five stages: the pattern, planning, designing, transferring, embroidering, and finishing.

Berlin Work

  • What is Berlin Work? -From Wikipedia, a description and history of Berlin Work.
  • Berlin Work -Evolution of Berlin Work Needlepoint.
  • Berlin and Example -Brief history of Berlin Work. From the Hermann-Grima / Gallier House.
  • Berlin Work Editorial -'Homage to Berlin' from the A Thimblefull... Newsletter from The Status Thimble. History, popular subjects of the time, the style of the needlepoint art and the basic definition. This is in .pdf form, and is an interesting read for anyone interested in Berlin work.





Needlepoint Lace

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