30-Minute Project Books: Rings, Bracelets, Neclaces, Earrings

Creating jewelry should be fun, and if time is limited, projects geared toward that one restriction make it easy to craft. If you have some supplies and 30 minutes to spare, then the 30-Minute book series contains doable projects for now - and not later.

There are four books in the series based on four jewelry types: Bracelets; Rings; Necklaces; and Earrings. And each book contains 60 projects for all levels. Each put together by Marthe Le Van, many different designers contributed their ideas and projects for each book.

30-Minute Rings

30-Minute Rings is filled with surprising ideas. One of my favorites comes in the form of PVC pipe (yes, that same plastic plumbing pipe used in irrigation) that creates a feminine looking ring that looks like bone or porcelain. See the image on the right. Other projects include rings made of sterling silver wire, copper sheets, buna cord, waxed nylon thread, and even a ring made from crocheted copper wire (made with a small crochet hook).

30-Minute Necklaces

Dedicated to necklaces, pendants, chains, and chokers, 30-Minute Necklaces has everything to make one-of-a-kind neck pieces in a hurry. Easy projects include those made from a simple copper sheet or a piece of leather. One of my favorites is the funky and colorful bobbin pendant project made from stainless steel sewing machine bobbins and polymer clay. Uber-simple and a great gift-giving project for someone who sews. Another favorite was the realistic-looking bamboo pendant made from sterling silver tubing and yellow gold saucer beads.

30-Minute Earrings

I love quick and easy metal projects for earrings, and 30-Minute Earrings has loads of projects using all sorts of metals: wire, dangles, sheets, and tubes. At its most simple, earring projects contain only iron wire still look elegant. Posts, dangles, and hoops are all covered. My favorite in the book takes yellow gold wire (flat and round) and twists it  before soldering them together. The result is a twirled look for both the front and back of the ear. Another easy project involves making a spiral from round sterling silver wire.

30-Minute Bracelets

Bracelets are the go-to jewelry accessory when all else seems too heavy. Especially bangles. 30-Minute Bracelets will be your next best jewelry crafting friend when looking for an easy project to wear now. All shapes and colors are represented as well as techniques: sewing leather, using ribbons, threading seed beads, hammering metals, embossing wires, forging and soldering, and more. Each are simple enough not to require an extensive supplies list to complete in a half hour.

 Each book is sold on its own, but as a set makes any free half hour a productive one.

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Disclosure: This series was provided by the publisher and any opinions are my own.
Renee Shelton.