Making Fabric Jewelry by Marthe Le Van

Fabric textiles and jewelry are two of my favorite things. When the two are combined I get excited which is what makes Making Fabric Jewelry by Marthe Le Van so fun to read. The projects use fabrics, thread, hand sewing and machine sewn stitches in creative ways.

Sections and chapters include all the tools you need, whether you are a seasoned seamstress or tailor, or not. The first part, The Basics, goes into these topics: Material Matters; Sewing Gear; Get Stitching; Finding Your Findings; Tools for Jewels; and Tiny Shiny Things. The Projects section contain 23 different unique jewelry projects for rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches. Templates are shown for the Fully Felt Wristlet and the Sun-Kissed Lemons necklace.

Favorites of mine from the book? Lots. The Designer Label Brooch makes great use of old, un-salvageable vintage couture that still has a great looking label. Sterling Stitches are teardrop earrings that creatively use fine silver wire instead of thread for a hand-sewn border design. And the Chrysalis Neckpiece doesn't use a needle at all, or even fabric, but rather cotton thread and the small latex balloons your kids use for water bombs.

The many tips throughout Making Fabric Jewelry are helpful for other sewing and crafting projects, such as never use paper backing for tulle even if it makes sewing easier because if you use it, it's almost impossible to remove all the minute paper scraps caught in the stitching. If you like fabric and jewelry, this book gives creative ideas for ways to use both of the them together. Producing custom made textile jewelry that matches your hand sewn outfit has never been more fun.

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Renee Shelton.