I CAN Right Angle Weave (No Really, It's a Book)

This new book from Lark Jewelry and Beading is PERFECT for me, and for anyone else who is intimidated by RAW - the right angle weave. When I first discovered beading, RAW was referenced a million times, and a million times I was lost. The right angle weave, it seemed to me, was something you either got, or didn't. And now I'm glad, with I CAN Right Angle Weave by Mabeline Gidez, I finally get it.

The chapters explain every detail and variation of RAW. But, without illustrations you may get lost - this book covers that and the illustrations are clear what to do with each bead. This book takes you literally step by step. Chapters in the book: Material and Tools; Basic Flat RAW; Increasing and Decreasing; Embellishing; Curves; Going Tubular; Polygon Stitch, a Variation of RAW; and Beaded Beads. Each project seems complex (they are - they use RAW!) but Gidez did an excellent job of breaking down each project literally stitch by stitch with clear illustrations of what to do next.

I CAN Right Angle Weave is a must-have in your jewelry book collection. Not only will you reference back and forth with your other books to understand this complex stitch better, but all 25 projects in the book are beautiful, too. If you are thinking of a book to get a beginning beader, an instructional book like this one would make a great gift.

Looking for samples? Lark Crafts has graciously shared two projects. Download the pdfs and try them out.

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 Disclosure: This was provided by the publisher and any opinions are my own.

 Renee Shelton.