What Does the Inside of a $1,000 Mens Suit Look Like? Take a Look For Yourself

I'm sharing another blog - and love this post!! Karin from Sew Here We Go Again! took apart one of her husband's worn out, tailor-made, custom suits to see how it was constructed, and what the 'guts' of it look like. Love this! Anyone who has ever tailored a jacked for themselves or another person can identify many of the things talked about and shown. I also have an appreciation for a suit my husband has in the closet that was purchased for an arm and a leg.

And it also brought back memories from my sewing classes - if you're making a lining, make the inside look just as good as the outside. :)

Here is the link (loads of pictures with the article, too):

Let's Trash a $1000 Suit out of Curiosity

Renee Shelton.