How to Change a Bobbin for a Bernina Activa Sewing Machine

Basic instructions for changing the bobbin:
  1. Remove the bobbin case by opening the bobbin cover on the bottom of the machine. Ensure the needle is in the UP position and make sure the machine is turned OFF. 
  2. Pull the little latch of the bobbin case that is flat against it. When pulled, it will release it from the machine. 
  3. Hold the bobbin case with the latch pointing towards you in your left hand (if you are right handed). 
  4.  Grasp the wound bobbin with your other hand with the thread going away from you. The bobbin MUST spit out the sewing thread clockwise. Snap into place.
  5. Find the end of the thread and pull up to fit into the slot for the thread. Keep pulling counterclockwise until the thread goes under the spring of the edge and fits through the open hole. It will resemble a 'T' shape and fit through. 
  6. Test by pulling on the thread. It MUST turn clockwise when pulled, without any hesitation or loose thread coming from the sides of the bobbin. 
  7. Hold the bobbin case and snap back into the sewing machine. Note that the latch will point left and the finger of the bobbin case will point upwards. Push until it clicks into place. 
  8. Pull the thread over the cutter to trim any long loose ends, and close the bobbin cover.

Renee Shelton.