What is Interlock or Leno Canvas?

Interlock or Leno Canvas, 14 Mesh Count.
Image by Renee Shelton.

What is Interlock or Leno Canvas?

Interlock canvas, also called Leno canvas, looks like mono canvas. It differs in the way it is weaved, where the warp and weft threads are interweaved with each other making it look like mono canvas. This makes for a firmer slate for your needlepoint projects.

All needlepoint stitches can be worked on this canvas, but note that heavily detailed stitches are best left to Mono because if it becomes badly distorted, it is especially difficult to block to correct.

Interlock canvas comes in a variety of mesh sizes and colors, (above is 14 mesh count) and is a canvas that can be cut into shapes for stitching without unduly coming apart like mono canvas.

Renee Shelton.