Needlepoint Evenweave Canvas: Linen, Congress Cloth, and Generic Evenweave

What is the difference between linen and evenweave? They are both another base for needlepoint stitches and look similar. Congress cloth is a cotton evenweave.

Example of linen.

Linen is a natural fiber thread canvas. It may be evenweave technically, but because of the inherent nature of the fibers, the threads may not always be perfectly even. Many love linen for that purpose, giving all their projects made of linen a unique look. Which is probably why I have so many linen weave shirts in my closet.

An evenweave fabric could be cotton based, or it could be lined, or made of synthetics or blends. Evenweave gets its name from the fact that there are an even amount of spaces between the weave so you can work your needlepoint a little easier. These fabrics come in varying mesh sizes, colors and textures.

Below are two different evenweaves in different mesh counts.

Congress cloth is an evenweave fabric, made up of cotton. (It's also a mono style canvas.) Congress cloth is not colorfast so be careful when getting wet.

Renee Shelton.