Aimee Ray's Sweet and Simple Jewelry

Sweet and simple is the key to all the projects in Aimee Ray's latest Sweet and Simple Jewelry. It is filled with bright pictures and super simple instructions. 17 designers collaborated to make the book, with 32 different projects to choose from.

My favorite thing about this book: it's easy to read layout with full page close up shots of the finished project. The table of contents has a thumbnail preview of each finished jewelry piece making it quick to locate one to your liking. The Basics section touches on everything you'll need, from making your own cabochons and cameos to needle felting and embroidery techniques.

Of all projects, three stand out for me to try later:
  • Felted Terrarium Necklace: A cute miniature mushroom made of wool roving and felt scraps. Designed by Aimee Ray.
  • Cabochon Hairpins: You make your own cabochons or use vintage ones and affix them to hairpins. I could think of a million variations to these. Designed by Kathy Sheldon.
  • Dandelion Wish Necklace: A clever 'wish in a jar' using dandelion seeds. Designed by Aimee Ray and Jessica Berner.
Templates in the back (all are copy at 100% - easy!) are for 11 of the projects. Many of the pieces use materials you already have: white glue, acrylic paints, ball chains, epoxy clay, wool roving, scrap felt pieces, miscellaneous jewelry findings, scrap linen and different fabrics.

If there is a project you want to do and you don't have the materials for it, move on to one similar that you do have everything for. The hard part will be to choose. All are easy to accomplish in an afternoon.

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Renee Shelton.