Bernina Sewing Machines & Resources

Bernina brand sewing machines are durable, functional, and are available through dealerships. The image left is the model I own, the Activa 145. While they don't make that model anymore, it still provides all the power I really need in a sewing machine, with all the special and decorative functions I could use.

Below are links on where to get Bernina sewing machine manuals, company highlights, the official Bernina USA blog, and where to go for videos for the Bernina sewing machines.

Information and History About the Bernina Brand Sewing Machines

  • Founded in 1893 in Steckborn, Sweden, by Karl Friedrich Gegauf who invented the hemstich the same year.
  • Karl's machines became so popular, the term 'gegaufing' was synonymous with the mechanical production of hemstitching.
  • The company's first household machine was produced as furniture-slash-sewing-machine.
  • 1937 Bernina had their first zig-zag machine.
  • Under Odette Gegauf-Ueltschi, the grand-daughter of Karl, the Bernette machines were created - and was named after a combination of the two names: Bernina and Odette.
  • Bernina sells only to businesses, through dealers (multi-brand stores or only-Bernina dealerships), and no company-direct customer sales.


Here are some helpful links for Bernina brand sewing machines

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