How to Easily Line Up Snaps on a Garment When Sewing

If lining up snaps is a difficult chore, attaching them to the garment with this method will make it easier, no matter how spaced out they are or how evenly they are spaced.
  1. Separate all the snaps from each other, leaving two piles of two different halves of the snaps. 
  2. Identify where the snaps on the garment will be, and mark the spots on the garment. Sew all of the halves of the snaps with the raised centers onto the garment first. 
  3. After sewing them on, rub chalk over the raised centers of each snap and press the garment closed firmly. The centers of the snaps with the chalk on them will mark exactly where the other half of the snaps need to be. 
  4. Place the other half of the snaps on the opposing side of the garment, centering it on the marks made from the other half of the snaps. 
  5. Sew the second half of the snaps on the garment, and finish sewing the rest of the garment. The snaps should fit together nicely, no matter how spaced they are on the garment. 
Note: Use only the chalk that is approved for the fabric you are using.

Renee Shelton.