How to Sew a Centered Zipper

A centered zipper is a zipper that doesn't have a lap covering it. It doesn't have to necessarily be in the center of the garment or project, and isn't the invisible type seen in many women's clothing. It is the simplest zipper to sew, and if you don't need the zipper to be covered, is perfect for many applications.
  1. With fabric right sides together, stitch a 5/8 inch seam allowance up to where the bottom of the zipper will be. Press over 5/8 inch on both sides of the open edge. 
  2. Center the zipper under the folded edges of fabric. 
  3. Baste the zipper in place, evenly. 
  4. Whipstitch the edges of the zipper together to prevent the zipper fabric from coming open while stitching. With sewing machine, stitch along edges of basting, following down one side, over the bottom up to the top again. Backstitch, and remove the basting stitches. 
  5. The zipper is ready for finishing.

Renee Shelton.