Marcia DeCoster Presents: Interviews with 30 Beaders on Inspiration and Technique

Beading superstar Marcia DeCoster hosts Lark's second Spotlight on Beading collection, featuring 30 international artists ranging from celebrities in the field to exciting up-and-comers. In addition to offering examples of their best work, the beaders discuss their inspirations and techniques, and chat with Marcia about how they discovered their muses and styles. Gorgeous color photos showcase several pieces from each contributor.
Another great book in the Spotlight on Beading series, Marcia DeCoster Presents showcases interviews with many different beaders on what inspires them and how they started in their field. What sets this book apart from the previous one is how DeCoster ties social media and the use of the Internet into the beaders work.

Example questions that are asked about the Internet and social media and how it relates to the beaders:
  • How have your online relationships influenced you? Changed your work in any way?
  • What can you tell us about the importance of online relationships?
  • Does the Internet affect your bead art? Play a role in your bead art?
  • How do beading and the Internet come together in your life?
For some, they went to the Internet to either source a product they couldn't find elsewhere, or they went to connect with people they looked up to. But for many, if not all, whatever reason they started online it morphed into a direct way to connect to many people all over the world and discover or teach a new technique that would have been impossible to do so otherwise, simply from logistics.

They even turn to Google Images and literature for inspiration. From designer Marsha Wiest-Hines:
I am fond of the photography found in Google Images because it answers questions: What does wisteria look like? How is the structure of a lilac leaf different from a maple leaf? What are the phases of the moon? And literature provides a catalyst for me as well, because the joy of analysis and interpretation of character is firmly lodged in costume designers' souls.
Photography is bright and clear, and the choices of the pieces from artist truly represent their best works.

Book Information:
Disclosure: This book was provided by the publisher and any opinions are my own.
Renee Shelton.