Creating a Custom Chef's Coat Collar

A defining feature of a classic Chef's coat is the stand-up collar around the neck, as well as the double breasted or mandarin-style front. You can transform your favorite straight-front double breasted jacket or mandarin shirt patter into a custom chef's coat with these steps.
  1. Measure the points of the neck edge where the collar will be sewn into the garment. Staystitch the top section of the garment to strengthen the area.
  2. Cut the fabric and the interfacing using the same length and curve of the collar section. Place any notches on the collar that are found on the garment top section for ease in placement.
  3. Attach the interfacing to the wrong side of one collar piece and stitch both sides together. Leave any notched sections open. If there is no neckline facing, turn in the seam allowance and trim close to the edge.
  4. Turn the stand-up collar section right-side-out and press well. Make sure all the corners have been turned and pressed out fully before pressing the collar.
  5. Pin the collar to the garment neck edge, lining up any notched edges with each other. It may be necessary to clip or notch turns to ensure the collar area meets up evenly.
  6. Sew along sewing edge. If the stand-up collar has a neckline facing, apply any decorative edgestitch or topstitch now. If the stand-up collar does not have a neckline facing, press and slipstitch the edge of the opened and turned part of the collar to the collar itself. Then use any topstitching or edgestitching as desired.
Renee Shelton.