Needlepoint Needles Chart

Descriptions of specialty needles used in needlepoint, embroidery, and cross stitch.

Needle Name Uses Notes
Embroidery or Crewel Embroidery Embroidery and fine tapestry work. Similar to fine needlepoint needles, but these have sharp tips.
"Sharps" "Sharps" Fine needles with sharp tips.
Canvas / Carpet Used for stitching up rugs, canvas, carpets, etc. Has a heavier feel with a pointed, triangular end.
Chenille Tapestry and crewel work. Has a sharper, triangular end with an eye like an embroidery needle.
Glover / Carpet Use for suede, canvas, leather, carpet, etc. Has a pointed end with an elongated eye.
Curved Use for lace, upholstery, embroidery, surface work, and for weaving. Needle has a distinct curved shape.
Sail Laying, tufting, upholstery, and canvas. Larger needle with a slight bend at the tip, which is perpendicular to the eye.

Renee Shelton.