Crossed Stitches in Needlepoint and Their Examples

These stitches are as the name suggests, and consist of multiple or single stitches crossing each other, in either straight or diagonal styles.

Examples of Crossed Stitches: 

  • Crossed Stitch: A basic crossed stitch has an ‘x’ shape design over an intersection: one stitch diagonally left followed by another stitch over the same intersection going right. It is best worked by finishing each cross before moving on the the next, instead of working all similar direction stitches in a row and going back over and crossing them later. An Upright Crossed Stitch or Diagonal Upright Crossed Stitch has the crossed stitch pattern with a ‘+’ design, starting with a 2-mesh stitch horizontally crossed over with a 2-mesh stitch vertically. It is best done in a cross going up/down/up/down rather that straight across. A Diagonal Upright Crossed Stitch has the stitches continuing at an angle down the canvas, and consists of 2- to 3- mesh stitched, depending on the desired look. 
  • Fern Stitch: This gets its name from the neat vertical rows it makes on canvas. It consists of a diagonal stitch consisting of about 2 intersections with the cross just at the bottom intersection. Rows are finished with a small Crossed Stitch at the ends. 
  • Plaited Stitch: This is similar to the Fern Stitch, except that the rows are overlapped at the top, making cross points at the top and bottom.
Renee Shelton.

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